Best Beauty Creations Cosmetic Palette Full Review

Beauty creations stand among luxury brands. Well, you can find a lot of brands today when it comes to eyeshadow. Whether it is a luxury brand or indie brand, each company is so innovative. They come with their version of the palettes. What about Beauty Creations? In fact, it is a newcomer. It is the new palette with an interesting color scheme.

It is a US brand with affordable price. For this reason, they are so popular and their products are budget-friendly. Eventually, more YouTubers are unboxing their products. Do you have their products like Irresistible palette and Tease Me palette? Here, we tell you more about these Beauty creations cosmetics.

Beauty Creations Cosmetic Irresistible Palette Review

Beauty creations irresistible palette is so popular right now, especially in online shops. Many of us said that it is the duplicate of the high-end eyeshadow palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance. Eventually, the first time this product launched, they had very similar color options and color names. But now, each color in BC Irresistible has new names.

The Packaging Beauty Creations Cosmetic Irresistible Palette

The first thing to talk is about the packaging. It is from a cardboard with a nice design with pinky peach combined with gray and brown. We can say that the packaging looks cute. The packaging is so handy with a mirror added in the palette. This is a great point. On the other hands, it is one of the products from beauty creations that do not come with a brush.

The Colors, Texture, And Pigmentation Beauty Creations Cosmetic Irresistible Palette

Interestingly, the colors in this palette are attractive. Before you may want to buy ABH Modern Renaissance but the cost is hard to believe. Therefore, if you cannot afford ABH Modern Renaissance, we think it can be a good alternative for you.

beauty creations cosmetics

It is possible to say that all colors in BC Irresistible are awesome. The colors are warm that you can even use it to train any creations. It is great for beginners to explore more. In addition, the colors are perfect for daily natural. If you love simple makeup, BC Irresistible offers an affordable option. In this palette, there are 15 colors contains 11 matte colors and 4 shimmering colors. We think that the colors are safe to play. For example, there are brown, orange, purple, pink, and others.

So, what makes it a little bit different from ABH Modern Renaissance?

Well, BC Irresistible provides shimmering color, the dark brown they called a night out. Besides, the palette has matte colors like bare, mix and infatuated emotions. On the other hands, the shimmering colors you may love are a love letter, til’ midnight, and true love.

beauty creations irresistible palette

Next is about the texture that most of the matte colors are powdery and chalky. But, for the shimmering colors have a buttery texture. For this one, it is good. We think it is quite great for its fall out especially for matte palettes. When you apply both matte and shimmering colors, they can blend quite well. Furthermore, the pigmentation is nice even if you don’t use an eye primer. If you want more intense color, you need to build up a few times. If your brush is a little bit wet, it makes the colors look more appealing and sparkling.

The Pros, Beauty Creations Cosmetics Irresistible Palette :

• Inexpensive
• Nice pigmentation
• Easy to blend
• Handy packaging with mirror included
• Nice color variations

The Cons, Beauty Creations Cosmetics Irresistible Palette :

• Matte colors are a little bit chalky
• Matte fall out is quite many

In conclusion, if you want us to put a score in this product, we think the rating is 7/10. We recommend this product for a beginner to learn about eye makeup.

Beauty Creations Tease Me Pallete Review

Beauty creations tease me is quite different from Irresistible. Irresistible offers warm colors, but in Tease Me, they tend to offer seductive colors to create a sexy look. So, Tease Me is not a great choice if you love a simple look.

The Packaging Beauty Creations Tease Me Palette

The packaging of beauty creations tease me palette is so feminine. It is from a cardboard with the list of ingredients you can find on the back of it. In addition, the palette has a magnet so you only need to open and then close it easily. On the other hands, the packaging sounds less safe for travelers.  In fact, the magnet can be loose. So, you cannot close the palette properly.

Just like the Irresistible, this one of beauty creations products has a mirror inside. It is great for you who hate to use another mirror when you are applying an eyeshadow palette. Best of all, the mirror is huge that is great for this affordable palette. Believe it or not that even some popular brands have no mirror to add to their palette.

The Colors, Texture, And Pigmentation Beauty Creations Tease Me Palette

Speaking about the color scheme, this palette is so much fun. For example, you can put the shades together to support your look. In addition, the shades in this palette can match with all skin tones. So, if you have a problem to find a good tone shade for your skin, try this. It is not too pale or too dark to complete your eye primer.

beauty creations tease me

There are 18 shades in Tease Me with 11 matte shades and 8 shimmering shades. Besides, the color scheme offers the metallic bold colors for the lids. The metallic shades look nice and pigmented.

For the texture, they offer a creamy texture that when you touch the shades, it is so soft. The pigmentation is something different. Why it can become the winner among your other palettes are the metallic shades. You can use your finger and then tap it on the center of your lids. Well, as simple as that. Therefore, it is a nice choice if you want to have a product for the best pigmentation. One thing you should know is that it can blend easily.

Move to the shimmer shades, they do not work as great as the metallic shades. However, if you take a wet brush, you will have something much better on your lids. If you are not the fans of a wet brush for your eyeshadows, it is worth. The shimmer shades can blend easily.

beauty creations tease me palette

The matte shades are not what we expect, especially for Orga*m and N*des (Well, the names are quite weird). These shades have low pigmentations quality. They are not easy to blend because they are quite patchy. They cannot display something well on the eyelids. If you want to use them on the crease, they look too sheer.

On the other hands, Seduce Me and Blissful are our favorite shades. Even if they are the plain brown shades, they offer something perfect on the lids. They come with great pigmentation. In addition, they are easy to blend. Therefore, they are great for a transition shade you should not ignore.

The Pros, Beauty Creations Tease Me Pallete :

• Inexpensive
• Pretty shades
• Great pigmentation, especially for the shimmers shades
• Create many looks in a single palette

The Cons, Beauty Creations Tease Me Pallete :

• The best alternative of Huda Rose Gold Palette
• Powdery and fallouts are everywhere
• Lighter shades you blend them too much make you cannot see the mattes

In conclusion, the eyeshadows for Tease Me are quite nice that can last quite great even if you are not using a primer. The palette performance can make you happy if you have oily lids. They can keep on there all day. If you use more metallic shades, we think this one is great for you. It is an ideal option if you need a long lasting palette for your eyeshadow.

How To Choose The Best Eye Shadow

You are using beauty creations and you want to know the best eye shadow colors. Here, we give you a little trick based on season:

Spring – Use warm colors and no dark or blue-based tones

Summer – Use light and cool tones with no warm orange or golden colors

Autumn – It is a great season for earthy colors, golden and orange colors, and there should be no blue based colors

Winter – Bright and cool primary colors with sharp cool pastels are great. You can pick blue undertones, bright jewel colors and no warm even muted colors.

Other than that, some color experts recommend you to choose eye makeup by following the eye color. If you have blue eyes, for example, the best shades are brown and rose. If you have brown eyes, you should go with green and gold. If your eyes are green, mocha and lavender are perfect. The last is for hazel eyes, you should take deep green and pale yellow.

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